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CBA Prepares To Welcome Largest Cohort Of Students On Record For 2023 Executive Banking School


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Consumer Bankers Association (CBA) is preparing for the return of its renowned Executive Banking School (EBS), the premier advanced educational program for future retail bank leaders. In just a few weeks, more than 350 bankers will converge on the campus of Furman University in Greenville, SC, July 23 – August 2, 2023, for the program’s 72nd year. 


Recognizing the upcoming start of EBS and the importance of the program in developing the future leaders of retail banking, CBA President and CEO Lindsey Johnson said:

“For more than seven decades, EBS has provided students a deep understanding of how various segment of retail banking are interrelated, helping them to tackle future challenges and opportunities facing their institutions. Thanks to a rigorous curriculum taught by top-notch faculty, the program has a proven track record of preparing industry executives to successfully navigate the rapidly evolving banking landscape today. We’re thrilled to welcome the largest cohort of bankers ever to EBS 2023 where they will grow their skillset and develop meaningful connections with future bank leaders from across the country.”

Engaging Curriculum

EBS provides rising stars in the industry with the critical skills they need to propel them into more complex leadership opportunities. EBS graduates leave with improved Executive Leadership Capabilities (ELCs), including:

  • Strategic Leadership
  • Financial & Risk Acumen
  • Market & Customer Insight
  • Collaboration & Influencing 

More than 70% of the faculty are full-time bankers representing various leadership positions across their banks. For 10 days over the course of three years, students will learn:

  • Year 1 – Head of Retail Perspective: Focusing on how to manage the retail segment of a bank. This includes sessions on acquiring, segmenting and retaining customers, designing and price products, and effectively tailoring marketing messages.
  • Year 2 – CFO & CRO Perspective: Focusing on concepts for managing a bank’s profitability. This includes sessions on analyzing financial data to measure future performance and how to assess and manage risk.
  • Year 3 – CEO Perspective: Focusing on managing a bank from the top down. This includes sessions on how to consider analysts’ recommendations, structure a merger, and evaluate key economic indicators.

Additionally, EBS 2023 students will hear directly from: 

  • Archie Brown, President & CEO at First Financial Bank, CEO Perspective
  • Todd Barnhart, CBA Board Member, Executive Vice President & Retail Distribution Executive at PNC Bank, Head of Retail Perspective
  • Mike Todaro, Senior Executive Vice President & Chief Risk Officer at M&T Bank, CRO Perspective
  • Darren King, Senior Executive Vice President at M&T Bank, CFO Perspective


  • Across years 1-3, students will represent 43 financial institutions
  • The average student will have 18.5 years of banking experience
  • U.S. Bank will represent the largest share of students
  • More students will come from Ohio than any other state
  • Women will compose nearly half of the entire student body 


Alumni from CBA’s Executive Banking School have gone on to become leaders within the industry. Some notable graduates include:

  • Andy Harmening – 2006 – Associated Bank – President & CEO 
  • Todd Barnhart – 2008 – PNC – EVP & Retail Distribution Executive
  • Archie Brown – 1996 – First Financial – President & CEO
  • Quincy Miller – 2004 – Eastern Bank – President & Vice Chairman
  • Cassandra McKinney – 1998 – Comerica – EVP, Head of the Retail Bank
  • Lori Von Heyking – 2018 – Woodforest – EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer
  • Wayne Akins – 1992 – Chief Community Banking Officer, Synovus
  • Richard Bynum – 2012 – EVP & Chief Corporate Responsibility Officer, PNC
  • Mark Pregmon – 1997 – Head of Credit Operations, USAA
  • Seth Waller – 2012 – Chief Credit Officer, TIAA


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If you are interested in speaking with CBA President & CEO Lindsey Johnson, members of the faculty, or students attending the 2023 Executive Banking School, please contact Billy Rielly at [email protected]


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