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Solving the Branch Banking Workforce Execution Challenge Today – From Reflexis Inc.


Branch colleagues are one of the retail bank’s front lines. They frequently rely on rigid and outdated systems and processes that add complexity and frustration. Managers and associates alike lose too much time on non-customer-facing activities. These current challenges have only been magnified by the current crisis and demand an immediate response for branches to thrive.

But, this is also an opportunity to consider how poor or substandard execution is costing the bank in everyday operations. The bank branch management model is outdated, in some significant ways—among them the assumption that the branch frontline should be treated as an afterthought.

Fortunately, there are examples of industries, like retail, that have adapted to a more agile, brick, and mortar execution model to manage disruption. The lessons learned and tools built to solve these challenges can be a guide for bankers on opportunities to adapt their processes and systems for a faster recovery and future branch success. 

In our new white paper, “Solving the Branch Banking Workforce Execution Challenge Today,” Reflexis experts write about these challenges and the solutions available to branches today, which have been refined and proven over the years in retail.

Download the paper here today.

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