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By Salesforce – Trends in Financial Services


New Research: Insights from 2,800 financial services leaders on building resilience in the face of crisis.

As consumer behavior shifts, there are new opportunities for retail banks. Starting before and going 6 months into the pandemic, this research offers a unique view into how the crisis altered the retail banking industry – and what it can mean for a business like yours. 

Here’s some of what we learned: 

  • In the rush to mitigate against the health and economic crises, retail bankers have prioritized implementing new technologies and improving customer trust more than the customer experience. And customers have taken notice. 
  • Growth-oriented retail bankers are taking key steps to protect themselves against future disruptions.
  • 87% of retail bankers agree the first financial services companies to deploy autonomous (or “self-driving”) finance will gain a significant competitive advantage

Check out our new research here.


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