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By Salesforce – How Banks Can Optimize Customer Onboarding to Build Trusted Relationships


For Banks, the process of onboarding a new customer can be complex, costly and consequential. A deep discovery will often lead you to a root cause of disconnected process, patch-worked technology and many personas interested in differing areas of the process. This can slow down and negatively impact the customer experience.

Learn how to optimize customer onboarding in order to connect customer acquisition, discovery, onboarding and renewal to deliver a unified experience to new customers and bankers alike. You'll hear from banking industry experts on how to remove onboarding complexities through establishing onboarding processes early and across all personas.

In this webinar, you'll learn how to:

  • Identify the moments of compliance in the onboarding process and how they impact each persona
  • Establish a customer profile early, continue to it enrich over time, remove friction and establish a solid foundation
  • Understand the value and tangible impact of optimizing customer onboarding

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