white paper

By nCino – A New Model for IT in the Age of Cloud Banking


The time has come for the traditional role of information technology (IT) in banking to transform. No longer are IT professionals expected to simply manage on-premises systems and servers. Today’s chief information officer (CIO) must look to outsource a wide variety of functions to the cloud, freeing up resources to focus on the rapid iteration of new products, services and processes, efficiently and competitively. Today’s IT must also engage at the earliest stages of all strategic decisions made throughout the organization.

It is of equal importance that IT begin to establish a true partnership with the business side of the financial institution (FI). In an age where customer expectations are rapidly changing, and financial consumers expect outstanding digital experiences and frictionless service at every step of the banking relationship, this means collaborating with the business and ensuring both business objectives and customer needs are driving the enterprise’s IT strategy and efforts.

In this white paper, we share the trends behind this evolving transformation of IT in banking, as well as a roadmap for leveraging the IT-cloud vendor relationship to achieve comprehensive digital transformation. A new day has arrived for IT in the age of cloud banking. Click here to view all nCino white papers. 


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