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By KPMG – Ten Key Regulatory Challenges of 2020


2020 brings a new decade of business change that will be directly confronted with regulatory and policy mandates of fairness, safety, and protection. In our new paper, KPMG Regulatory Insights evaluates how, in 2020, five business imperatives—technology transformation, customer interaction, payments modernization, market expansion, and cost efficiencies—will force new and differing regulatory risks and concerns. Links provided throughout also showcase KPMG’s thought leadership and forward-looking perspectives.

The Key Regulatory Challenges of 2020 include:

  1. Geopolitical change: Expect disruption and embrace business change
  2. Divergent regulation: “Merge the diverge” with both enterprise and localized needs
  3. Data protection and governance: Protect your data as the asset that it is
  4. Operational resilience: Plan for the unexpected operational impacts, they will happen
  5. Credit quality: Apply the learnings from prior credit cycles
  6. Capital and liquidity shifts: Easing buffers doesn’t mean weakening risk management
  7. Compliance agility: Solution now for agile and streamlined compliance
  8. Financial crime: Innovate, but not at the cost of increasing risks of financial crimes
  9. Customer trust: Remember that you are in the business of customer trust
  10.  Ethical conduct: Do the right thing, even when no one is looking


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