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By EVERFI – Announcing EVERFI’s National Financial Bee


EVERFI’s National Financial Bee is a nationwide financial literacy initiative for 7th-10th grade students that will run from April 20-24. Sponsored by financial institutions for the students in their communities, the Bee is made up of a 5-part course and an essay contest, where students compete to win up to $10,000 in scholarship prizes. This initiative enables financial institutions to connect with their community and provide critical financial education to students social distancing at home in a fun and engaging way.

By sponsoring EVERFI’s National Financial Bee, your institution has a unique opportunity to connect with your community during an unprecedented time of need. Our sponsorship package gives you everything you need to easily host and promote the Bee to parents and students, maximizing your community engagement and brand impact. Request a demo and become a sponsor today! For more information on EVERFI's National Financial Bee, click here


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