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By Appraisal Works: 5 Benefits of Digitizing Appraisal Management


Home valuation has a bad reputation as one of the least predictable and poorly automated parts of the loan process. Manual processes and outdated technologies add unnecessary administrative overhead and result in miscommunication, compliance oversights and a significant drain of time, money and resources.

Tech-savvy lenders are turning to appraisal management technology to streamline and automate the full lifecycle of an appraisal order. By shifting their approach to appraisal management from an administrative function to a technology-driven strategy, they are realizing significant benefits.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • Digital trends in the mortgage industry and how appraisal management is no exception
  • Significant challenges holding lenders back from implementing a technology-backed appraisal management strategy
  • 5 benefits of digitizing appraisal management that will help lower cost, ensure compliance and drive new business opportunities

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