Achieving Regulatory Excellence in Banking with Next-Gen Compliance

Date & Time
May 22, 2024
2:00 PM

About the Webinar


  • Karla Booe, Chief Compliance Officer, Zeta



As technology accelerates the pace of innovation in banking, it is also influencing the pace of regulatory updates and action. Banking compliance needs to keep up and be capable of supporting agile innovation to deliver top-of-the-line, regulated customer experiences. As banks and credit unions adopt new technologies and move to modern platforms, compliance needs to be built into their technology stack itself. As Karla Booe, a compliance veteran with over 30 years of experience explains in her upcoming CBA webinar, this is critical if financial institutions want to innovate and be a leader in their market while also meeting all regulatory compliance requirements faster and at a lower cost.

Catch Karla, who is Chief Compliance Officer at Zeta, as she introduces Next-Gen Compliance and explains how technology can enable regulatory excellence in banking. The webinar includes an illustration of a regulatory update on next-gen compliance technology. It also delivers a 360° framework for the adoption of Next-Gen Compliance that compliance executives could adopt.



  1. Regulatory Compliance in Banking: Then and Now
  2. Principles of Next-Gen Compliance
  3. Adapting to Regulatory Shifts with Next-Gen Compliance
  4. Demo
  5. Adopting Next-Gen Compliance: A 360° Approach



Karla Booe

Chief Compliance Officer, Zeta

Karla Booe has more than three decades of experience in the financial services industry. Karla previously spent 27+ years at FIS as the Deputy Chief Compliance Officer. At FIS, she was responsible for providing U.S. Federal regulatory compliance support primarily to the products supporting the largest financial institutions in the country. She has created multiple compliance programs for large enterprises, including regulatory compliance programs and enterprise compliance training programs. Based in Little Rock, Arkansas, Karla currently drives regulatory compliance programs for Zeta’s US-based clients.


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