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CBA Executive Banking School Announces 2021 Graduating Class



WASHINGTON – CBA President and CEO Richard Hunt today issued the following statement congratulating 55 bankers who graduated today from CBA’s Executive Banking School, celebrating its 70th anniversary as retail banking’s premier program designed to train future leaders in the industry. Despite being held virtually this year, EBS 2021 was sold out with nearly 300 bankers participating from more than 30 banks across the globe.

“Congratulations to the CBA Executive Banking School Class of 2021, honors graduates and Tem Wooldridge Award recipient Alexis Hirst from Citigroup. These bankers have completed our rigorous three-year program during a time of dynamic change for the country and the industry. EBS is the only national program designed to give bankers a holistic understanding of how various segments of a bank are interrelated. I am confident today’s graduates are fully equipped to become the future leaders we need to guide America’s leading banks through emerging challenges and opportunities for years to come.”

During a virtual graduation ceremony, CBA also announced the winner of the Tem Wooldridge Award and the list of honor graduates for the class of 2021. Due to the impact of pandemic-related restrictions last year, Year 3 students were given the opportunity to complete their session virtually or defer to 2021. In congratulating the class of 2021, CBA recognized those bankers who finished the program in 2020, as well. To view the full list of 2020 EBS graduates, click HERE.

Tem Wooldridge Award

During the virtual graduation ceremony held on Tuesday, this year’s Tem Wooldridge Award was given to Alexis Hirst from Citigroup. Established in 2002 to honor long-time faculty member, Tem Leslie Wooldridge, this award recognizes the top EBS student each year who demonstrates outstanding academic performance, high integrity and a strong work ethic. In addition to academic merit, Tem Wooldridge Award winners possess the necessary character and leadership skills to bring out the best in their teammates. Award winners are selected by EBS faculty, with input from senior class peers.

CBA Executive Banking School Class of 2021 Honors Graduates

CBA Executive Banking School Class of 2021

Felipe Basulto | TD Bank

Matthew Bielecki | M&T Bank

Nicholas Boron | M&T Bank

Rebecca Brock | Truist

Shenique Carmichael | TIAA Bank

Jason Castillo | Citizens Financial Group

Carla Cavallaro | Citizens Financial Group

Michele Cole-Hector | M&T Bank

Scott Coulter | Citizens Financial Group

Nicholas DeWitt | M&T Bank

Brian Dibowski | Huntington Bank

GianFranco DiLaura | JPMorgan Chase

Julie Doran | First Financial Bank

Beth Dumke | U.S. Bank

Christine Dunton | Citigroup

Carol Epstein | Wells Fargo Bank

Randy Estrada | TD Bank

Shana Fail | Regions Financial Corp.

Erin Felix | PNC Financial Services

William Fitzpatrick | Citigroup

Juli Foust | PNC Financial Services

Amanda Gelroth | Wells Fargo Bank

Vijaya Govindu | Truist

Kyle Hanna | Huntington Bank

Aimee Heinl | Huntington Bank

Alexis Hirst | Citigroup

Ashlee Kelly | JPMorgan Chase

Christina Koen | JPMorgan Chase

Jean-Paul LaClair | M&T Bank

Jeanne Lapak | Citizens Financial Group

Sarah Lindstrom | Citizens Financial Group

Jason Loving | Truist

Justin Macaluso | M&T Bank

Jamie Martin | TD Bank

Jason Mavrich | PNC Financial Services

Amber McPhail | Wells Fargo Bank

Laura Mitchel | Wells Fargo Bank

Brian Murphy | Wells Fargo Bank

Adam Peirce | PNC Financial Services

Kelley Reichert | JPMorgan Chase

Jake Richards | MUFG Union Bank

Chris Riddle | U.S. Bank

Brett Riese | MUFG Union Bank

Ronald Schantz | Wells Fargo Bank

Kathleen Shear | JPMorgan Chase

John Stettler | JPMorgan Chase

Micheale Striblin | JPMorgan Chase

Grant Tefft | Truist

Kareem Trice | Citigroup

David Whitaker | U.S. Bank

Rachel White | Huntington Bank

Cecil Williams | Regions Financial Corp.

Kyle Wilson | JPMorgan Chase

Sujata Yadav | Eastern Bank

Elizabeth Zardaryan | MUFG Union Bank

About CBA’s Executive Banking School

CBA Executive Banking School provides a one-of-a-kind education for top bank officers by immersing them in real world scenarios experienced daily at banks. Tailored and taught by leading industry practitioners, the program challenges students to run the entire consumer arm of a bank and manage from the top down by analyzing data to influence decisions and impact a bank’s future performance. Graduates are anchored on a path to leadership and gain a deep understanding and appreciation of how various segments of banking are interrelated. Since its inception, EBS has graduated more than 4,500 bank leaders, many of whom have risen to become executives within the industry, including:

  • Andy Harmening – 2006 – Associated Bank – President and CEO
  • Todd Barnhart – 2008 – PNC – EVP and Retail Distribution Executive
  • Archie Brown – 1996 – First Financial – President and CEO
  • Quincy Miller – 2004 – Eastern – President and Vice Chairman, CBA Board Member
  • Jim Fugitte – 1974 – Retired, former CEO of Wind Energy and Fort Knox National Bank
  • Cassandra McKinney – 1998 – Comerica – EVP, Retail Bank, CBA Board Member
  • Ricardo Serano – 2011 – BBVA – EVP, Risk Control Assurance
  • Lori Von Heyking – 2018 – Woodforest – EVP, Chief Human Resources Officer

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