The Voice of America’s Leading Banks on Capitol Hill

America’s leading retail banks adhere to the highest level of safety and soundness and consumer protection regulations of any industry. Yet, misguided or over-regulation comes at a real price—often consumers’ access and cost of financing. CBA advocates for sound banking policy to ensure America’s leading banks can continue to serve customers and communities across the country.


Latest Legislative Developments

As the retail banking industry faces unprecedented issues that can have profound effects on how we do business in the future, it is more important than ever that CBA members engage and that our members’ voices are heard with key policymakers.

The Consumer Bankers Association Political Action Committee (CBA-PAC) is a voluntary, non-partisan committee established to raise funds for the campaigns of members of the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives.


Where Contributions Go

CBA’s PAC money goes towards supporting those Members of Congress who understand the importance of a healthy, vigorous, and robust financial services industry. Federal election laws prohibit corporations from contributing directly to a candidate; therefore, PAC dollars are a legal source of funding for candidates.

How does CBA-PAC decide which candidates to support?

100% of every contribution supports candidates from both political parties who care about strong, competitive financial markets. Worthy candidates are selected through a strict review of their

  • Alignment with CBA’s legislative agenda and priorities
  • Platform and voting records on issues important to the industry
  • Leadership on key committees of importance to the industry