CBA Executive Banking School Spotlight – Thomas Davidson


As we gear up for another amazing term at CBA's Executive Banking School (EBS), hear from last year's honors alumni as they share their experiences at EBS.

Our honors graduates are the top of their class in a three-year program providing future bank leaders with the comprehensive, holistic perspective of retail banking required to lead effectively amid industry shifts.

Our second feature is Thomas Davidson, VP of Enterprise Payments, from Huntington Bank!

What was the highlight of your time at EBS?

One of the most memorable highlights of my time at Executive Banking School wasn't the accolades, though graduating with honors was undoubtedly fulfilling. It was that "aha" moment when the intricacies of financial statements, like income statements and balance sheets, finally clicked for me. I vividly recall a Quarterly Townhall discussing Huntington's performance, where not only could I follow the conversation, but I could also identify strategic opportunities to enhance our business and impact key metrics.

How has EBS helped you advance your career?

Executive Banking School (EBS) has significantly advanced my career by broadening my perspective on strategic planning and the impact of product management decisions.  Previously, my focus was primarily on growing adoption and usage, with limited consideration for the broader impacts to the bank's performance and strategic growth.  EBS provided me with a comprehensive understanding of these impacts, enabling me to monitor, manage, and communicate the full story effectively.  As a result, I have transitioned to a role within our Enterprise Payment Strategy Team, where I can contribute to the bank's growth strategies more effectively.

What advice can you give to incoming students?

During my time at executive banking school, I learned the importance of immersing oneself in the experience, networking, and embracing every opportunity to learn. My advice to incoming students would be to dive deep, connect with peers and professionals, and integrate the concepts learned into their daily routines. Embrace the grind with pride and savor the journey.

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