CBA Executive Banking School Spotlight: Christina Del Grosso


As we gear up for another amazing term at CBA's Executive Banking School (EBS), we’re connecting with our 2023 honors alumni to share their experiences at EBS and their advice for the next class of students.

Our honors graduates are the top of their class in a three-year program providing future bank leaders with the comprehensive, holistic perspective of retail banking required to lead effectively amid industry shifts.

This week, we spoke with Christina Del Grosso, Director of Distribution Strategic Initiatives for BMO!

What was the highlight of your time at EBS?

Reflecting on my experience at EBS, the highlight was definitely the chance to step away from my usual routine for two weeks each year over three years to invest in myself. Not only did I expand my knowledge, but I also built new friendships with peers from across the country, whom I wouldn't have met otherwise. It was like a mini adventure each year, and I always came back feeling inspired and ready to tackle new challenges.

Can you share which course or professor had the most significant impact on your career and professional life? 

    The intersession assignments following Year 1 and Year 2 really stand out to me as the most impactful aspect of the program.  These assignments challenged me to take what I had learned in the classroom and apply it to real-world scenarios, deepening my understanding of the material.  It was through these practical experiences that I gained valuable insights and skills that have greatly benefited me.

    What advice can you give to incoming students?

      Take every opportunity to network and build connections with fellow students and faculty.  I would also recommend fully immersing yourselves in the team simulation exercises and assignments which expose you to practical scenarios of running a bank's consumer business.  These hand-on experiences will sharpen your analytical skills and prepare you to take on new leadership opportunities.

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